Lindsey Shea logo placed over a GIF rotating through a mix of her photo content

Lindsey Shea

Lindsey is a brand and lifestyle photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing her work on the outdoors and the people and products that thrive in them. The brand was inspired by Lindsey’s ability to capture natural & artful moments, while not being afraid to get dirty and take risks in the process.

Alexandra worked directly with Lindsey to cultivate the tone and strategy, and used those learnings to design everything in the brand identity & guidelines. A key goal of the project was to develop a system flexible enough for Lindsey to work across many touch points from website to social, and easily implement it herself at handoff. Lindsey's work stretches over both brand and portrait photography, so the look and feel had to be not only own-able, but also flexible to work in both realms.


Lindsey Shea


Brand Identity
A collage of two of Lindsey Shea's images, one girl laying in the field with a flower over her and another of dirty feet on a beach peaking out from the frame. A wave design of pink, blue, lavender and sage are placed in the middle of the image.
Lindsey Shea is a brand and portrait photographer who excels at creating artful & natural moments.
Lindsey specializes in capturing her client’s authentic self, while bringing joy to the experience and pushing the work creatively.
Lindsey is passionate about all of her clients feeling welcome, empowered, sexy, and authentically themselves. 


Lindsey Shea’s work is whimisical, authentic and bold and we wanted to customize a type that would refelct that. Waves were added to the ‘N’ and ‘H’ to reflect natures inspiration in Lindsey’s work.

A flexible logo system was created to reflect the creative spirit in Lindsey’s work and flex with her variety of projects and needs.


Lindsey’s work is highly inspired by nature, and it was key for this to be reflected in the colors of the brand. Colors were pulled from and inspired by Lindsey’s portfolio of outdoor work.


Many illustrative elements were created to give Lindsey a variety of textures and feels to combine with her work. Doodles were created to amplify her work’s whimsy, gradients were inspired by the sun rising and setting and waves are a natural element used for extra texture and type throughout the brand.


The brand system was then continued into social and promotional assets, combining all brand elements across digital and print assets.

Photography: Lindsey Shea