Nicole Morrison

Nicole Morrison is a food, product and lifestyle photographer in the Bay Area. Being a fan of hers for some time, I was excited when she asked me to help create her brand identity to make her stand out and attract new clients.

Nicole is known for her bright burst of colors, vibrant graphic elements, and working with sustainable products. I wanted to create a visual identity that took inspiration from her work without overpowering it.


Nicole Morrison


Brand Identity
Nicole creates colorful, graphic images and GIFs that help brands tell their story.


Nicole Morrison’s work is bold and friendly– and that is what we wanted reflected in the logo. A lowercase ‘i’ and round edges were unique touches to this round type. A three part logo system was created to provide flexibility based on usecase.

She uses color, pattern and texture to create images that make people hungry, happy and curious.


Shapes and fruits were created to accent and add playfulness, but kept abstract to not take away from the photography.


Creating a flexible and expansive color system that was as vast as the palettes in Nicole’s work was pertinent to this brand system. Chosen colors were inspired by and named after fresh foods, for a nod to her work’s focus.

Photography: Nicole Morrison