Fellow Drops logo designed by Allie Hernandez

Fellow Drops

The Fellow Products team came to me with the product idea in mind– a text-to-order coffee service that sends you curated coffee recommendations each week with an option to buy.

Inspired by the bright notes across a variety of coffee roasters, the scientific details of brewing the perfect cup of coffee, and need to communicate text-to-order coffee visually, the Fellow Drops logo + brand was crafted.

Working with the Fellow Products team, I developed the branding and launch assets across web, social, e-mail and packaging.


Fellow Products


Brand Identity
Landing Page Design
Social Graphics
E-mail Design
Photo of phone texting Fellow Drops order and image of two Fellow Drops e-mails designed by Alexandra


Inspired by the idea of your personalized coffee sommelier who researches the best coffee for you every week.

Fellow Drops logo shown in five different color schemes


A bright ranging color palette reflects the variety of tasting notes and roasters reflected in each weekly drop.

Fellow Drops brand color scheme designed by Allie Hernandez in partnership with the Fellow Products team
Fellow Drops packaging mock up designed by Allie Hernandez
Photo of a phone in a Fellow Products canister with a Fellow Drops text on the screen. Drops logo is rotating in a GIF between different colors
The knowledge of a coffee sommelier without the snobbery. Fellow Drop’s brand speaks to you like a friend who just knows too much about coffee.
GIF of the Fellow Drops landing page
Stickers designed for the Fellow Drops brand
Instagram Grid planned for launch of the Fellow Drops brand
The Fellow Drop’s brand take cues from fine wine, scientific methods and classy cocktails to provide visual trust.
3 Instagram story designs made for the Fellow Drops brand design launch by Allie Hernandez
Fellow Drops text designs by Alexandra
Fellow Drops brand guidelines by Alexandra
Copywriter: Cat Sylvain
Illustrator: Kira Reed