Aura Frames

Aura Frames strives to bring the magical memories you capture on your phone, into your life everyday.

While working as an in-house Brand Designer at Aura Frames, I was able to help this mission visually come to life on all aspects of the brand from digital design to print production. Some of this work included Art Direction for photoshoots, Social Media guidelines with a focus on Influencers, Retail Displays, Packaging Design, Website Design & E-mail campaign design.

The majority of my time there was spent working on and shaping the brand directly with the Chief Creative Officer, Scott Chapps.


Aura Frames


Brand Designer


Designing around key values in the Aura Frames brand, categories were strategized to use in organic social such as interiors, customer feedback, brand imagery and happiness data.


In partnership with the marketing team, influencers were chosen to be a key marketing drive on social. I worked to create an Art Direction guide to keep all influencer content on brand and informed of visual goals.


Working closely with the retail sales team, I designed environmental displays seen in Costco, Sam's Club, Kohl's + more as well as printed sales materials.


Landing page designed to be a key part of the ad to purchase flow for holiday 2020. Influencer content was used to keep the storyline experience consistent.

Chief Creative Officer: Scott Chapps
Creative Director: Ferris Caldwell