Mushka in the Market

Mushka is a chef in Brooklyn, whose work ranges from private events to writing recipes. When re-imagining what her brand image could be we focused on balancing bright natural colors from food with the cozy feel of having dinner at grandma's house.


Mushka Haskelevich


Brand Design
Art Direction
Web Design


In our work together, we decided the next evolution of Mushka in the Market would be isolating the logo to just say 'Mushka'. A name that can stand alone as the logo, and expand to Mushka in the Market when needed throughout colatteral.


The logotype needed to be as bright, brilliant and bold as the chef behind it– so a uniquely crafted serif seemed like just the fit. It was important the logo worked large and loud just as well as it worked small and steady.


Mushka's color palette was inspired by and needed to invoke the feeling of real ingredients and fresh foods. We wanted it to feel like you were stepping into her kitchen with the palette. A punch of lemon zest was added to emulate the spark that Mushka's personality adds to every kitchen and space.


Mushka came to the new branding with one request– figs needed to be a key illustrative element in the brand. We started there, and focused on some of Chef Mushka's favorite foods like artichokes and oysters to round out a set of botanical inspired illustrations.


The brand system was then continued into social and promotional assets, combining all brand elements across digital and print assets.