Breaking the Mold

What began as a creative food photo series exploring patterns and playfulness in food design, grew into a visual explore of kitchen trends like jello and bundt cakes that have made a resurgence in today’s world.

For the art direction of this project, I began with research into checkered cakes and a dive into retro desserts, which opened up a vivid time machine for me back into my grandmother’s kitchen. I remember her making jello salads, bunny cakes and the bundt pan being used for every family gathering. I was inspired by the artistic resurgence of the humble ingredient of jello, as a trend in today's pastry. It was this mix of retro and modern ideas that led me to the idea of jello cocktails- a mix of old and new, and a way to use this unique ingredient of jello to create patterns and textures in our work in a way that not many ingredients had the ability.

Cakes by April Brott.


Diane Villadsen


Art Director
Photographer: Diane Villadsen
Cakes by: April Brott